Table Rate Shipping Plus

Calculate shipping rates based on destination, weight, item quantity, class or cart total

Current version: 1.9.2 - Changelog

Requirements: WordPress 3.9 or above, WooCommerce 2.2 or above, PHP 5.4 or above

Key Features

  • Delivery Options. Offer selectable shipping options such as "Standard" or "Express Delivery", each with their own rates.
  • Countries, States and Postal Codes. Create shipping zones based on countries, states or ZIP/postal codes. Full support for UK, USA, Australia and most other countries.
  • Shipping Classes. Create complex rules based on product shipping classes. Charge different shipping costs based on shipping classes of cart items.
  • Tiered Costs. Define multiple tiers of shipping costs based on weight, cart totals or item quantities.
  • Percentage and Per Item/Kg/Lbs Costs. Calculate costs on a percentage or per-unit basis.
  • Calculation Methods. Shipping costs can be calculated using a "per order" or "per shipping class" method.
  • Tax/VAT Support. Enter shipping costs including or excluding taxes.
  • Handling Fees. Optionally add flat or percentage handling fees in addition to the calculated shipping rate.
  • Easy Backups. One-click backups of your shipping rates. Easily transfer settings between sites.

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Common Questions

What is your refund policy?

If our plugin doesn't meet your needs (for any reason) over the next 14 days, we will happily provide a full refund – no questions asked.

What happens after my plugin license has expired?

A renewed license will be required to access updates and support, however the plugin can be used indefinitely. License renewals can be purchased at a significant discount.

Which countries are supported?

All countries are supported. States for many countries are included and custom states can be added easily. Postal code support is provided for both numeric (such as USA zipcodes) and alphanumeric (such as UK postcodes) formats.

Which versions of WordPress and WooCommerce are supported?

WordPress 3.9 or above and WooCommerce 2.2 or above are supported. The plugin is compatible with the latest releases of both and is regularly updated to maintain compatibility.

Are settings automatically imported from the free version?

Yes, your shipping rates will be automatically imported if upgrading from the version.

Which currencies and weight units are supported?

If WooCommerce supports it, so do we.

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Table Rate Shipping Plus is the only one I have come across that works for UK postcodes. Support was outstanding, very quick, very easy to understand, very pleasant. I have referred another designer already to buy the plugin as a result.

Phil Ainley - FoPM

Just wanted to let you know that the plugin works like a dream. Money well spent – thank you! Also very happy with the support you've provided – answering my many questions quickly and offering extra help if needed – this is customer service at its best.

Debs Williams - debbidoo